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Probably my favorite Akira gif. The anime has been gifed to death.

Lick it up.

Dear Trouble & Ninja, I often close my eyes to feel pleasure, I think as way to concentrate on all senses except sight, because I enjoy it but don’t trust it completely. In contrast to other senses, sight takes time to judge, and it’s so overwhelming. Touch, smell, taste, hearing… they’re so honest to us, so spontaneous, so real. I love senses! Anyway, when I close my eyes I have a hard time stopping my mind from creating other images, from imagining, and that’s the movement I wanted to depict here. From mind to hand to mind to hand to mind. Love, Sophie /

I’m blown away again, every little detail of this submission is amazing. I adore her anklet and painted toe nails, her thumb ring and the definition in her collarbone and stomach. You completely succeeded in expressing the idea of your submission both in the write up and the photograph. Showing us how detailed your hand can see what it feels. And this must be shot in a studio, the photo is too good to be shot in anywhere but a professional setting. Thank you for very much for sharing, I really appreciate your effort. 


Geoffroy de Boismenu A Short History of Sex

Smelling the dizzle

Such a cute pussy

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